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I had heard a legend about the dogs star in our night sky.  This was not about Sirius but about Polaris.  The story is that the council of wolves, coyote and fox each decided to send companions for the people.  They became the dogs which we have as faithful friends in many homes today.  The three stars of the handle in the little dipper represent the wolf, coyote and fox, while the four bucket stars represent the offspring sent to the four directions.<br />
<br />
I don't know if this is an actual legend told by anishinabek, but I do love the story.

Recent Additions

  • February Light on the Ice

    My son and I explored the evening ice just as light burst across the horizon.

  • Do you believe in the Souls of Trees?

    With ice crystals aloft and a bright sun to make them glitter it is possible to see the aura of the tree of ideas.

  • Morning of Anticipation

    A few years ago I had notice this tree and knew it would be in the right position a few times a year for something spectacular. Yesterday was one of those days. My timing was perfect this day as I was on my way early for important business and a quick stop wasn't going to make me late.

  • The Evening Council

    Nokomis meets with the evening stars for important Summer instructions. This was shot one day before the summer solstice on our current Powwow grounds at Rama First Nation.

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